Sorry it's blurry, but I thought it was a great idea for my local library to offer FOOD for FINES.

$1.00 per item donated gets knocked off library fines, with a limit of 20 items per day. 

Perhaps you can suggest this to your local library, say, as a summer program encouraging kids' food items because there is no lunch or breakfast programs when school is not in session.  Winter holiday time is classic for food donations to a food pantry, which is where these library donations are going, but summer giving is always a problem.

Get creative in our communities...

Stay tuned, for all our children.

Chris Miles


I published a graphic on November 10, 2014 from the US National Education Association (NEA) that stated in part, "80%:  Percentage of teachers who reported that their students came to school hungry at least once a week.  A majority of the teachers surveyed also reported that student hunger was worsening."

Eighty percent.  And later, a majority reporting that it is worsening.  So that would be over 50 percent of that 80 percent.

So, here's the thing.  Let's presume that the "at least once a week" part is careless kids not eating their breakfasts and non-vigilant parents not is still 80 percent of the children spend one day a week coming to school under nourished.

Under nourishment means their brains are not being properly fed in a ready to learn way and it also means their growling bellies are distracting them from being ready to learn.

And over 50 percent of 80 percent of their teachers surveyed by this United States national organization are saying the problem is getting worse.  At a minimum, then, we have a boatload (in this The Perfect Storm of hunger) of parents not doing due diligence making sure their children are ready to learn?

Maybe they just can't.  They just can't cope.  They just can't buy enough food because they are unemployed or underemployed.  Perhaps they are not present at breakfast time because they are at work.  What I am mentioning here is just the tip of the iceberg in the storm.

OK.  So these children arrive at school.  What then?  Do they not get breakfast on the free and reduced food programs the US Government, or lunch for that matter?  If they do not qualify income-wise, do we then blame their parents for just not feeding them?

WOW, folks, there are sure more questions than answers here.  I would be delighted to have your comments below or come to my Facebook page, For All Our Children to leave a comment there.  Let's spend some time on this one. 

Stay tuned for more research and hopefully, answers. for all our children,

Chris Miles

Lesson on Hunger from a Little Girl


So a little girl I know well got up this morning and said she had a "weird dream" last night. 

She said she had a lot of money and she and her friend were at a hospital and there was a man there and he had six children.  She and her friend took them to a restaurant where they all ordered "pasghetti," including the dad.

That is a lot of children to feed and they were hungry, she said, and the man had no money to feed the children.

She took all of her money and paid for it.

Perhaps not so weird, my sweet girl.  Not so weird at all.

That's all for now.  And that is plenty.

Stay tuned for more, for all our children,



Please read these statistics from the National Education Association (NEA) in the United States.  Comments to follow in future blogs like, say, about HUNGER and things "going great."

Stay tuned, for all our children,

Chris Miles


I have a confession to make.  I didn't actually think my candidate would win against our incumbent governor.  And she didn't.

And so he continues. 

But something good happened in the small town where my family resides.  A much needed school referendum got a well deserved YES.

And quite frankly, because I am a grateful person and because the children of this upcoming generation will be here long after our Governor and I are long gone (me in particular, should age be a factor), this was a vote for education.  One for the side of children, who are suffering in my state.

So stay tuned for the good that comes of all that, for all our children,

Chris Miles

PS.  What an amazing country this is...I can say what I just said in writing.  I love my county very much.  Thank you for reading.

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